Mission & Vision

Our Mission: Nurturing Love for Learning

From the time your child wakes up until the time he or she goes to sleep at night, there are countless opportunities for learning and growing. Our caring, observant, responsive teachers and staff are trained to stay constantly involved in every aspect of your child’s day, so that they can help facilitate these unexpected “teachable moments.” At Kidz kingdom, we create opportunities for your child to learn, even while he or she is playing. The truth is, some of the best learning happens without your child even knowing it. And that’s a wonderful thing.

Your child can learn something new at any moment. We make sure of it.

Our Vision: Nurturing those that will shape the world.

  • The school aims to make students outstanding global citizens, who have respect for fellow human beings and responsibility towards the natural environment.

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Mail: info@kidzkingdomschool.edu.in